A Proven & Tested Show Booking System That Can Boost Conversions Up To 120%


Transform Your Website From A Boring Online Brochure…
Into a Show Booking Money Making Machine!

You’re About To Take Ownership of the HOTTEST Website,
Show Booking System on the Planet!



Complete Amazing System setup and customized for you on your website! We install and configure EVERYTHING and handle all of the technical details making it completely painless for you!


Fully Functional – Secure Shopping Cart System: This is integrated with your website so you can take deposits, show payments or sell physical and/or digital products ON YOUR OWN WEBSITE – and make even MORE MONEY!


Complete customized setup and installation of brand new advanced autoresponders, email broadcasts and online database system including the one click contract, invoice, confirmations, e-promo-kits, etc.


Bonus HTML Email Templates: Now you can use these to blast out professional emails with your own email newsletter to your prospects & customers and keep your list growing!


INSTANT Prospect Inquiries SMS Notifications

You’ll be on top of all your new gig inquiries when you receive INSTANT Text Message Notifications On Your MOBILE PHONE. This will give you that extra edge over your competition when they don’t see their new leads until they get around to checking their email!



No need to take hours to write tons of email templates yourself! All of the templates come with your name and contact info already in place! You’ll be getting templates for the following business areas:

  • Show Booking
  • General Info Inquiries
  • Customer Service
  • Follow Up’s
  • Thank You’s
  • Re-Bookings
  • Reminders
  • Contracts, Invoices, Receipts
  • & MORE!

All templates are 100% customizable!

EASY TO USE Quick Response Form Sent Right To Your Email Inbox & Mobile Device

Once your prospect submits their info to you, you’ll have a special collection of quick responses you can send with 1 click!

For example, let’s say the prospect is interested in a holiday party show for their corporate event. When responding to the lead, you simply press one button and your Amazing System launches your compelling e-promo-kit at them!

We have several templates already loaded for you including:

  • Easily and politely denying a free show request
  • Request a telephone call with the prospect to further discuss
  • Send a personalized e-promo-kit and follow up campaign
  • Plus over a dozen more!

ADD YOUR OWN CONTACTS With Your Internal “Add Contact Form” to Manage Adding NEW Contacts to your “Cloud Based” Database.

Now from anywhere you can manually add prospects and clients into your database and send them e-promo-kits, confirmations, thank you’s and more!

Niche Market Instant Price Quote System

This is one of our members’ favorite features of Amazing System –  the ability to literally book gigs while you sleep, workout at the gym, or even while you’re doing other shows. Based off of the information input into your Smart Amazing System Form, your prospect will get an instant price quote and be entered into your sales funnel.  No matter if it’s 10 in the morning or 10 at night your prospect is getting what they want – immediate gratification of pricing & package info and you’re getting what you want – a new lead added into your complete sales funnel.

So whether they book you now or not – you’ll be able to follow up with them and continue marketing to them with highly customized, personal sales messages.  

Imagine how amazing it’s going to feel waking up tomorrow morning, checking your phone and seeing new booking requests that happened on auto-pilot.  Once we set up the Amazing System Instant Price Quote on your website – your prospects will sell themselves on booking you, because of your compelling e-promo-kit (also included with your NEW Amazing System)

Location Based Instant Price Quote System

Taking your “SMART BOOKING PROCESS” to the next level is easy with our Secret Game Changer -Location Based Pricing.  If you have different sets of prices and or packages for various geographic locations, such as charging more money for gigs that are farther away, THIS TOOL ALONE WILL REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR BUSINESS.

This is an ultra advanced version of the above Instant Price Quote. Imagine being able to provide instant price quotes based on the event location ensuring your automated system never misquotes a gig. We have corporate & educational performers using this method to book gigs all over the country, providing the prospect with the appropriate price quote and allowing the performer to rest easy knowing their Amazing System is working around the clock 24/7/365.

Unlimited E-promo-kits designed with our Visual Builder

As an Amazing System member, you’ll receive an unlimited epromokits.com account which allows you to build as many compelling and profit producing electronic promotional kits as you’d like.

Using our amazing Visual Builder, you’ll not only be able to edit your existing e-promo-kits that we make together but will also be able to easily create your own going forward.


Once your prospect fills out your form, the Amazing System goes into action!

Personalized thank you pages, custom proposals with compelling e-promo-kits, reminders and follow ups are all possible now!


David Farr In A Box!


You’ll meet personally with David

To get you booking gigs through your website even faster – we are going to take you by the hand and do all of the heavy lifting for you.  No need to be technically savvy or have website or HTML knowledge.  On your calls with David, together you’ll customize your NEW Amazing System. We’ll ensure your forms, email templates and your overall sales funnels are exactly the way you want them to look & work.

You won’t get this level of support, coaching & personal attention anywhere else.  Whats even better – is you’re not talking to some tech support employee in India – you’ll personally be working with the David Farr, the creator of the Amazing System to customize and tweak your new show booking system!

Ongoing Training & Support!

Tech Support For Life

As long as you’re an Amazing System member, you’ll have support for life. Although 1Shoppingcart offers their own support, we provide extra priority support anytime you need help with your Amazing System.

AS Private Member Area

After everything is all setup for you, going forward you may want to learn how to do a thing or two on your own. We have a very thorough members’ area with detailed tutorials and resources available at your fingertips.

Members Only Mastermind Facebook Group

You’ll get access to our private Facebook group where you can share ideas, get feedback and see what others are doing. An exclusive Amazing System member community.

Free Monthly Online Marketing Trainings

Each and every month you’ll be invited to learn from our live training classes where we cover Amazing System news, case studies, how to sessions and more!

Multi-Site License

Your Amazing System isn’t only limited to one website! If you have an existing website or if you get multiple websites in the future, you’re covered. Your Amazing System can easily be integrated with all of your websites with using one autoresponder account.

Custom WordPress Website
Done With You!

FRUSTRATED & UNHAPPY with your current website?

 Tired of your site looking OUT-DATED?

READY for a hip, modern and impressive website that’s going to turn more prospects into paid bookings and is mobile friendly?

You’ll work with our web designer to create & customize a professionally designed WordPress Theme, hand picked by Brad & Dave for maximum success!

Our web designer will do all the hardwork and get your NEW website up & running!

All you’ll have to do is supply the designer with your own photos, videos, any testimonials you’d like to use, and descriptions of your shows and services offered – content you probably already have on your current site.


WordPress Website Setup For You


Mobile Friendly


Professionally Designed by our Team


Integrated with your new Amazing System

Plus, You’ll Also Receive This Incredible Bonus Package:

Bonus #1: Website Coaching and Strategy Design with Brad Ross


During your coaching time with Brad, he’ll work with you, on the following:

  • Website strategy and customer sales funnel experience.
  • Suggest tools and ideas that will accelerate your success.
  • Critique copywriting which will help you to convert leads to SALES.
  • Provide basic brand strategy.
  • And More!

$997 Value

Bonus #2: David Farr’s All New WordPress/Divi Training Course

Learn the nuts & bolts of working with WordPress and Divi so it will be as easy as 1-2-3 to make updates to your own website content with our Visual Builder technology. Recorded live at IFL 2016

Tips, tricks and hacks to make editing your NEW site a breeze!

$297 Value

Bonus #3: Brand New Logo Done For You!


-6 Logo Concepts
-Unlimited Revisions
-They’ll work till you like it!

Priceless Value

Bonus #4: Reprint Rights to use Brad’s E-Book:

“7 Biggest Mistakes Event Planners Make” & “The Ultimate Birthday Party Tips” Reports for use as Lead Generation Tools

$97 Value

Bonus #5: Premium Web Graphics

Make your projects look awesome with our premium web graphics! Create killer looking websites, blogs, and print projects in minutes – Even if your a complete design newbie!

*Can be used with our without Photoshop!

$97 Value

Bonus #6: FREE 3 Month Graduation Gift Membership of David’s Exclusive Inner Circle Group Coaching Club

Continue advancing your online marketing with David’s private Inner Circle group coaching program. Every month you’ll have direct access to David and will be able to ask any questions you have about marketing on the internet. You’ll also receive access to the member only archive of past trainings which are searchable. It’s like the Netflix of online marketing training for performers!

$291 Value

Get Results NOW and Receive These
Very Special Fast Action Bonuses!

Fast Action Bonus #1: The Best of Brad Ross’ It Factor LIVE

Since 2011 It Factor LIVE has been established as world wide leader and the Biggest, Most Amazing, Most Dynamic Multi Day LIVE Direct Marketing & Success “Boot Camp” For Magicians & entertainment professionals. It’s Guaranteed To Be Worth Thousands Of Dollars In Additional Shows And Income To You.

The transformational business trainings conducted at IFL are dynamic money-making, eye opening, & profit generating. Past alumni of IFL have gone on to double & triple their income as a result of what they learned from these workshops.

As a special BONUS & GIFT from Brad, we are going to give you a “BEST OF” Collection of Master Classes & Trainings from this LIFE CHANGING WORKSHOP SERIES.

If you’ve got a good show and are frustrated because you’re not making all the money you deserve… you want to make even MORE money and have MORE fun performing, then It Factor LIVE is exactly what you need. And you’re about to get instant access to a collection of the BEST SESSIONS offered over the years, since IFL began in 2011. Get ready for MASSIVE BUSINESS GROWTH with IFL!

Value: $399

Fast Action Bonus #2: 1 Year of FREE Managed WordPress Hosting

Not only will we build your website but we’ll also host it for you for free for a full year! With our special “managed hosting” you sleep soundly knowing that we’re running daily backups, security scans and performance tests to make sure your website and Amazing System are to their maximum potential! 

This also includes a license to use the Divi theme which is the theme we build sites with. All of this because we know you just want a great performing website and don’t want to have to try and tinker with yourself with the tedious site maintenance.

Value: $1200

I’m In! What’s The Next Step?

After you place your order you’ll be taken to a page download your bonuses immediately.

Enjoy those bonuses while we process your order and get you setup to have a meeting with both of us (Brad & Dave).

Within 48 hours you’ll receive an email with a link that will allow you to schedule your first call with us.

Once on our meeting, we’ll analyze your needs and lay out the groundwork for your website and Amazing System. There are decisions to be made such as your domain name, logo preferences, etc.

After our first meeting together, our designer will go to work on building your website. This can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks depending on the current queue.

Once the design of the site has begun, you’ll have a series of private meetings with both us where they can each guide you through every step of the process.

By the time we’re finished, you’ll have your own customized Amazing System on a brand new professionally designed website, all setup and hosted for you! Your new site and Amazing System combined will help you book “hands-free” shows for years to come!

Here’s What Other People Are Saying About
The Amazing System!

With the automated emails and the ease of use it’s a HUGE time saver! The Amazing System booked my first show for me while I was out performing! Your system FREAKING ROCKS!!!
Paul Cochrell

Magician, New Mexico, USA

Any pro would be foolish not to use the Amazing System. Once you understand it, it’s mind blowing! This is the best investment in my business I have EVER made in 20 years of pro magic.
Kerry Cameron

Magician, Raleigh, NC

I just booked two shows that I handled from beginning to end through the Amazing System. In other words, I made close to $6000 in the first month with my Amazing System. Woo Hoo!!
C.J. Johnson

Hypnotist, Leander, TX

Real World Case Studies From Some of our Members!

Perry Yan – San Francisco, CA

“Over 80% of all my bookings are online. It so much quicker! People just book me right away! Everything is tied back to the Amazing System. When I first bought it, I saw immense value in all of the things you guys were giving. Just the coaching time with Brad and David alone…

I setup websites myself and it’s a hassle. Having someone set it up for you, that’s a BIG BIG BONUS.

I want to thank you for not keeping this to yourself and actually releasing this great system to the magic community. It really has changed the way I do business.”

Joe Romano – Washington D.C.

It’s been a game changer for me. The fact that I can book shows on the fly. It’s all done automatically.

This process has changed my life and not only has it made things easier for me but it has made things easier for my clients. It makes it so easy for them to book me.

In some cases they are getting an email that was set in to motion 300 days ago an they’ll respond to it and it is the coolest thing!

Mario Orsini – Bunker Hills, VA

I’m on pace now this year to do more business than I have ever done before and I know its because of the E-Promo Kit. The level of customer service is so instantaneous and the way we are today with how we get our news on Facebook and Twitter and we want it right now and I am able to give that to them.

By the time I arrive they tell me they appreciate the amount of customer service I have given them. Whether it was the contract or the W9 or whatever they needed I have been able to give it to them right away.

Show More Results

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When you join us now you’ll get the unfair advantage over your competition with the only system that is setup for you and with you. Click the button below and let’s get started!


Question: Does this use a 3rd party autoresponder provider?
Yes, the Amazing System is essentially powered by 1Shoppingcart, an autoresponder and shopping cart provider that has been around since the late 1990s. Our form and autoresponder templates integrate seamlessly with their service which runs $34/month, about a $1 a day!
Can I use my own autoresponder or a different autoresponder provider?
In theory you can however one huge feature that 1shoppingcart has that others don’t is the option to send autoresponder messages to yourself. In short, this allows for reminders and notifications that are sent to you based on client information and timing. Also 1shoppingcart is the best deal in town because it’s roughly the same price as most of the other guys but also adds a secure online shopping cart that you can use to take deposits, sell merchandise, take magic class registrations, etc… Here are some quick facts on 1Shoppingcart:

  • Over 10+ years of email delivery experience.
  • Send over 15 Million emails every day on behalf of our users with a 98.9% successful delivery rate.
  • Have established relationships with all major ISP’s to ensure white listing.
  • Millions of dollars worth of hardware and software infrastructure and time invested in building our platform.
  • A team of Email Delivery experts that work each and every day to ensure maximum speed and success of delivery.
  • Member of commercial email provider associations that allow us to have insight into the future of the industry.
Can’t my webmaster just set this up for me with autoresponders that come with my email/hosting account?
Actually the autoresponders that are provided by your hosting company are very simple and basic and not capable of personalizing the message or sending delayed follow ups. And most webmasters aren’t familiar with marketing strategies and the code required to make everything work is not something the average webmaster works with. When we set up your account, we will provide your webmaster (if you have one) with what they need to get the Amazing System on your website
Can’t I just use 1shoppingcart on my own?
Yes, but you’d have to create all of your own autoresponders and forms yourself which does require some HTML knowledge. Like any system that is new, there will be a learning curve which takes time. Then you’ll need to research and learn how to add the scripts into your forms and webpages and integrate everything. It’s a lot of work to do from scratch especially if you’ve never done it before! When we sign you up for your 1shoppingcart account, it’s an empty account, with nothing created yet. We go in and add and customize the autoresponders (automated email campaigns), we set up the contact forms that go on your website and we connect all the dots and test to ensure it’s working. You also won’t get access to our exclusive arrangement with 1Shoppingcart to get a discounted rate on a shoppingcart/autoresponder package.
Are people annoyed to receive your automated emails?
Just because your emails are automated doesn’t mean they can’t appear personal. It’s a funny feeling at first when a prospect or client replies to one your autoresponders and engages with you based on this conversation they’re having with your autoresponder.
What is your refund policy?

We are 100% committed to supporting you in increasing your web presence, overall branding and marketing automation, and turning that into more impact and income for your business.

That being said…

This is a refund-free zone. This is for 3 Main Reasons:

Reason #1: We know that we show up 200% fully and give a million times more value, availability, and support than any other team of coaches out there. We genuinely put A LOT of time, thought, effort, and planning into knocking the experience out of the park for you. And so, YOU have to be willing to hold up your end of the deal. Deal? Let’s pinky promise! Put in the effort, follow through with the system we setup and teach you, and we will create success together.

Reason #2: We believe in Money Karma and that we must own our buying decisions and actions, recognizing that they impact others beyond just ourselves. Just as you would not buy food to make dinner, then take the food back when you decide not to eat dinner, you should treat service businesses with the same respect. It’s just good Karma, dude.

Reason #3: We must pay for our team to help fulfill these services. We pay our sales team, our branding team, our design team, our development team, our copywriting team …and more!

Shouldn’t I work on getting traffic to my site before implementing the Amazing System?
This is a common misconception, that you should try to increase your website traffic first before setting up the Amazing System. Actually it’s best to have your lead capture system in place, before you send traffic to your site. Getting traffic to your site is usually time consuming or expensive or both. You want to be able to maximize that traffic and the best way to do so is to capture leads. You’ll book more shows now and in the future.
I have or will have more than one website, can I use this on all of them without having to pay a monthly fee for each one?
Yes, one autoresponder/e-commerce account can be used with multiple websites! So even if you’re using this with 5 websites, the monthly fee remains $34.
What happens after the year of free managed website hosting?
After your complimentary year of free managed hosting, we’ll make you an offer to continue hosting your website with us at a fraction of what the other companies charge. You’re free to migrate your site to any host at anytime.
Will it work on a mac or a PC?
Since this all happens on your website and through emails, whether you or your clients are on a Mac or a PC makes no difference.
What does the bonus website look like?

The bonus website is based on our founder’s website, Minneapolis magician David Farr. You can see an example of the layout here: https://www.davidfarr.com

I have additional questions, how can I contact you?
No problem. Simply click here to message us on Facebook and we’ll get back to you right away!